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Top 6 Benefits of Using a Water Softener in Phoenix AZ

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Benefits of Using a Water SoftenerThe use of a water softener in the Phoenix Valley isn’t a luxury – it’s quickly becoming a necessity. Although some of the minerals that are found in our tap water systems can be good for our bodies; the reality is that the negative attributes of relying on standard tap water outweigh any positives. Here are six benefits of using a water softener system in Phoenix that every home and commercial building owner should consider.

First – Improves Ability to Clean

Raise your hand if you enjoy those white hard water spots around your home. Whether it’s from the dishwasher, the showers or even sinks, the fact is that hard water leaves a residue on many items around your house. However, it also makes cleaning laundry harder as well. Soft water systems can rinse soap from materials much more efficiently. This also means that you don’t need to use as much soap when cleaning dishes, clothes and even your body in the shower.

Second – Can help to Extended Appliance Life

Water flows through several of our major appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers. When you remove some of the hard water contaminants – like lime and calcium for example; it reduces the chances for clogged drains and those materials embedding onto the faucets.

Third – Can reduce energy consumption

Imagine drinking through a straw that has layer of paper towels inside the straw. It would make drinking through the straw more difficult – right? Same thing applies to running hard water through any water outlet. It simply takes more effort to circulate this water. It makes sense to reason that if you reduce the restricted flow of water, you’ll vastly improve the efficiency. This is especially true for dishwashers and washing machines.

Fourth – Helps the Environment

According to a study completed by North Dakota State University; the use of water softener systems can extend the life of major appliances by approximately 20%. In layman’s terms, it’s like taking a refrigerator that should last 10 years and can extend the life to 12 years. When we extend equipment life, it means we consume fewer natural resources in manufacturing and disposing of broken appliances.

Fifth – Faster Water Heating

How water heaters love soft water. In fact, the great folks from the Virginia Co-Op Extension estimate that a soft water conversion can improve heating efficiency by as much as 22 percent for electric water heating units and almost 30 percent for gas units. Heat water quicker for those cold winter night and early morning showers that we all love to take.

Sixth – A Cleaner Plumbing System

Hard water can be a plumbing nightmare. It leaves scaly deposits inside and surrounding plumbing pipes and fixtures. These deposits eventually build up over time and can cause clogs that will shorten plumbing equipment life.

Take a proactive step to improving your quality of life by calling a Phoenix AZ plumber to install a water softening systems in your home or commercial building application.


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