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Best Home Water Filtration System for Hard Water [Top 5]

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Best Home Water Filtration SystemHard water can cause issues within your home when you wash dishes, take showers and even drink water. The way to defeat this issue is to install the best home water filtration system for hard water. These systems can easily clean your water making it safe for drinking and reduce calcium deposits and hard water stains in your home.

Below you will see our list of the five best home water filtration systems that would be perfect for hard water in your home.

#5 Pelican Water

1-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System

This Pelican Water filtration system is one of the more affordable hard water systems that really helps clean up your home’s water. The Pelican Water system has oversized filters that help improve the water flow rate and helps to reduce how often it needs maintenance. This system does not require electricity to run and doesn’t waste water while producing great tasting water for your family.

#4 Home Master

Whole House 2-Stage Water Filtration System

This Home Master system is fantastic for people who live in urban areas and reduces chloramines or chlorine form the water supply. This great tasting water is produced though a 2-stage multi-gradient sediment filtration process to help really produce great water. The oversized filters help with the water flow rate and the 95,000-gallon capacity is perfect for a family of four.

#3 Perfect Water Technologies

Whole House 3-Stage Water Filtration System

This water purification system is best used with well water systems with iron, manganese and sulfur issues. During the 3rd stage of filtration a granular activated coconut shell carbon is used that removes bad chemical, taste and odor up to 100,000 gallons for your home.

#2 Selecto

SuperPlus 20 in. Whole House Ultra-Filtration Water Filter System

The Selecto SuperPlus system provides heavy-duty performance compared to other home water filtration systems. So much so, that this brand is used in the commercial food industry and they have made this product more suitable for your home. The 400,000-gallon capacity system features a 3-stage filtration system that will reduce chlorine, bad tastes, dirt, sediment, silt, rust hard water and more. This system is definitely a great add to any home.

#1 Pelican Water

5-Stage Whole House Water Filtration and NaturSoft Salt-Free Softener System

This Pelican whole home water filtering system includes a carbon water filter along with the NaturSoft water softener, which gives you the best quality water possible. This 5-stage filtration system is great for producing amazing tasting water, softer skin and hair while reducing hard water build-up and other harsh chemicals from your water pipes, which extends their life. The 1,000,000-gallon system easily services every bathroom, kitchen, laundry sink taps and more. If you have a large home this is definitely a system to consider.

When looking for a home water filtration installation company in Phoenix, ask their recommendations about these products to find the best system for your home. You will be surprised how quickly your hard water problems will disappear.


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