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6 Best Methods of Water Purification for Phoenix Homes

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methods of water purification

There’s nothing more important to the long-term health and happiness of your family than having access to cool, clean drinking water. However, sometimes the water in our home isn’t as clean as we would like, which is why many people become interested in water filtration methods.

If you want to make sure that the water in your Phoenix home is as clean as possible, it’s important to learn about filtration methods so that you can choose the right one for you. Learn about a few methods of water purification that will help clean the water in your home of most contaminants.


1. Sediment Filtration

The most common method for purifying water is through sediment filtration. With sediment filtration, your water will be passed through a large filter which will catch large pieces of sediment. As it won’t remove finer particles, sediment filtration is often combined with other purification methods to ensure that your water is as clean as possible.

2. Ion Exchange

If you’ve ever experienced hard water, then you know how easy it is for metal elements to contaminate a water supply. The most effective way to remove these metal elements from your water is through a process known as ion exchange, which is also known as water softening.

With ion exchange, water is passed through an ion exchange resin. The electromagnetic properties of this resin will collect the metal elements in your water so that it is clean.

3. Activated Carbon Towers

Chemicals like chlorine, herbicides, and pesticides can be very hard to remove once they have contaminated your water. To combat these substances, many water purification methods include activated carbon towers.

With activated carbon towers, your water will be subjected to carbon filtration, which is often called charcoal filtration. This filtration method will remove these chemicals from your water so that it is safe and clean.

4. UV Light

Even with multiple purification methods, microscopic bacteria can be extremely difficult to remove from your water. It is for this reason that many people choose to subject their Phoenix water to an ultraviolet light. With an UV light, you can remove nearly 100% of harmful bacteria from the water in your home, making this one of the most effective solutions for purifying your water.

5. One Micron Pre-Filter

For homeowners that want to make sure that their drinking water is as clean as possible, it is common to use a One Micron Pre-Filter. These filters are called one micron filters because they capture contaminants that are as small as 1 micron. Using a one micron pre-filter ensures that your water is free from even the smallest pollutants.

6. Reverse Osmosis

A popular choice for purifying drinking water that many homeowners don’t know about is reverse osmosis. With reverse osmosis, water is pressurized and pushed through a membrane. This pressurization helps separate the water from any contaminants that it may contain. When the process is finished, the contaminants will stay on one side of the membrane and your clean water will be on the other side.


Anyone considering the best methods for purifying the water in their home needs to consult with a home water filtration installation company in Phoenix. A filtration installation company will be able to identify the contaminants in your water system and can tell you which purification method will be most effective.


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