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Plumbing Service, Repair & Installation in Phoenix & Scottsdale AZ

Hays-Plumbing-and-DrainHays Plumbing & Drain was built to provide residential and commercial customers a fresh option for all of their plumbing service, repair and installation needs within the Phoenix Valley. Over a period of 13-years, the Hays family of businesses has established credibility and dependability as leading providers of HVAC contracting services. With Hays Plumbing, we are integrating our strong business success into a new venue – with a team of professional, licensed, certified and insured plumbing experts ready to serve you.

The Team at Hays Plumbing & Drain Provides Several Services Including:


Faucets & Fixtures Repair and Installation
repair faucets and fixtures in phoenix

One of the leading culprits of little drips and leaks are the faucets and fixtures inside our homes and commercial spaces. So if you’re experiencing a problem with a leaking faucet, or have a plumbing fixture that has broken and needs to be replaced, you can depend on Hays Plumbing & Drain to get the job done on-time and always at affordable rates. Our company has the skill-set to repair existing faucets or fixtures or install new ones if needed. Our plumbers have the experience to repair virtually any problem you can fathom. By working with Hays Plumbing & Drain, you can feel comfortable that your faucet and fixture repairs, service and installation will be handled by professionals that will get the job done right the first time, call (480) 725-5811 today.

Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation Services
garbage disposal services in Phoenix

Regardless of where you live within the Phoenix Valley, one thing we all share in common is the active use of our garbage disposals inside kitchens on a daily basis. However, from time to time this everyday item becomes clogged, develops leaks of sometimes; simply breaks down. No matter what the problem might be; Hays Plumbing & Drain has an affordable and proactive solution. Not only does Hays Plumbing fix existing garbage disposals, but we also sell and install some of the most dependable, powerful, and efficient garbage disposals on the market today. For any questions about your garbage disposal repair or installation, simply contact our office today by sending an email or calling (480) 725-5811.

Gas Line Repair and Installation

phoenix slab leak detection servicesWhen you have a gas line that is leaking, this is not a time to simply put some duct tape on it or wait. A natural gas leak is a potentially dangerous situation and needs to be handled immediately. This is why the team at Hays Plumbing & Drain offers 24/7 Emergency Gas line repairs and replacement services. We also deliver exceptional gas line installation services for new construction project, re-locations or upgrade projects; such as backyard landscaping, pool and spa installation and other fun projects. Whether you’re adding on, or simply need a gas line repaired in the Phoenix Valley, you can depend on Hays Plumbing & Drain, call (480) 725-5811.

Pipe Repair and Installation

repiping services in PhoenixWater pipe repair and installation in Phoenix is a typical service due to the extreme weather we get here in the Valley of the Sun. And whenever you are experiencing any problems with your water pipe, whether it’s outdoor landscaping or indoor plumbing, you can depend on Hays Plumbing & Drain to complete your service on time and within a price you can easily afford. Our certified plumbers always arrive to appointments on time, and respect your property and privacy. We also offer full-service water and gas pipe installation at Hays Plumbing. Regardless of what type of pipe project you have; commercial or residential, contact our team today by sending an email or calling (480) 725-5811.

Toilet, Showers, Sinks: Repair and Installation Services
Toilet, Shower and Tub Repair and Installation

Our bathroom appliances are some of the most valuable appliances we use daily in Arizona. However, from time to time even the highest quality toilets, showers and sinks experience some sort of mechanical or plumbing problem. And when this happens to you, in your commercial or residential space, you can depend on Hays Plumbing & Drain to get on the job quickly. Our experienced, licensed and certified plumbers will always take the time to inspect, and repair or install a new bathroom features inside or outside your home or office space. We provide multiple toilet, shower and sink repairs services; from replacing internal components to installing brand new units. If you need efficient and professional toilet, shower or sink repair or installation call (480) 725-5811 or send us an email.

Sump Pump Services

sump pump services in phoenix azThe sump pump is a valuable system designed to reduce the potential of flooding inside a home or office space. It is recommended that the sump pump be tested on a monthly basis. And if you notice any problems with your sump pump in Phoenix, you can feel confident contacting the team at Hays Plumbing & Drain. Our experience plumbers have worked on both commercial and residential sump pumps for years. And whether you need a simple repair, routine maintenance or installation / replacement of a new, quality built unit, we are eager to take on the job. For more information about the sump pump services we offer, call us today at (480) 725-5811 or send us an email.

Water Heater Repair & Installation
phoenix water heater service

Whether you need a thermostat on your water heater adjusted or calibrated, or you are searching for water heater maintenance & service, or new installation; our team at Hays Plumbing & Drain has a solution for you. Every water heater is unique; and since we service both commercial and residential water heaters in Phoenix and surrounding communities, our experienced plumbers have the skills to complete virtually any water heater maintenance required. Our company places an emphasis on quality – and this extends into the water heating services we offer to each of our customers. Contact us today to learn about all of the water heater service solutions we offer.

Water Softener Services, Repair and Installation
water softener systems phoenix

There is nothing more annoying than cleaning hard water spots off faucets, dishes and anything else that come into contact with the hard water we have here in the Southwestern United States. An affordable and healthier solution is to this common problem is to install a brand new water softener inside your home or commercial space. Hays Plumbing & Drain completes water softener installation and repair services in the Phoenix metro area and surrounding communities. Our vast experience in the HVAC industry gives our licensed plumbers a solid understanding of the complete home comfort segment. If you need any water softener services in Phoenix, contact the team at Hays Plumbing today at (480) 725-5811.

Water Purification System Repair and Installation

There is nothing more enjoying than a cold, fresh and tasty glass of clean water when it’s over 100 degrees outside. But when your water purification system is on the fritz, and you need to find a professional plumber to repair or install a new unit, you can depend on Hays Plumbing & Drain to get the job done right. Our professional team of licensed plumbers has the skills and work ethic to complete all water purification system jobs on time and always at pricing you can afford. Our dedication to superior customer service ensures that we will arrive to every job on time and always respect your privacy. When you have a need for any water purification system repair or installation in the Phoenix Valley, call our team at (480) 725-5811 or send us an email.

Regardless of the plumbing service you seek, Hays Plumbing has an affordable solution. When you need a dependable plumber that will get your job completed on time – and always on your schedule, contact our team today at 480-725-5811. We look forward to working with you soon.

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