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Video Sewer Inspection Camera

Video Sewer Inspection Camera Service in Phoenix & Scottsdale AZ

sewer inspection with video camera phoenix azHays Plumbing & Drain is proud of the fact that we use the latest technology and best tools possible to inspect, diagnose and repair all plumbing issues within the Phoenix Valley. One of our best tools is the use of video sewer inspection camera in Phoenix; which allows us to easily inspect potential blockage, damage or any problems you’re your sewage system is experiencing; without having to remove any concrete, or other expensive items. You can feel comfortable that our team at Hays Plumbing will visually inspect and repair what’s wrong – the first time.

Hays Plumbing & Drain gives residential and commercial customers a fresh, reliable option for all plumbing service, repair and installation needs within the Phoenix Valley. A sister division to Hays Cooling & Heating full-service HVAC solutions provider, Hays Plumbing & Drain integrates years of dependable and professional contracting service in the HVAC space to the plumbing industry.

There are several symptoms that might give you an indication that you’ve got a big sewer problem – where the use of video sewer inspection cameras would be appropriate including:

Detecting A Backed Up Sewer Line
Most sewer lines become backed up due to blockages inside the sewer system. Whether it’s a tree branch, a rubber duck or any other material, using a video sewer inspection will give you detailed information without having to dive in physically. This saves time and money; plus is much more sanitary.

Detecting A Foul Sewer Odor
Our noses ‘know’ best. And when you detect a strong odor coming from your sewer, it’s usually due to a few important things that are causing blockage. Traditionally this would include:

  • Blocked water inside the drain traps or by air vents that only allow flow in one direction.
  • If the vent pipes are not correctly joined or damaged, it tends to force sewer odors outside

Detecting A Broken Sewer Line
Soil loves nutrients, and when the sewer lateral is clogged or faulty, the result is that waste water has to go somewhere. From time to time it enters your yard. So if you notice an overgrown patch of grass or weeds in one particular area near the sewer, this could be an indication of a sewer blockage, separation, or broken line issue.

When Hays Plumbing & Drain uses video inspection cameras in sewer drain systems, our technicians can help identify the following issues:

  • A cracked sewer lateral
  • Drain line that has a belly
  • Lateral joint that is separated
  • Debris blockage
  • Root intrusion
  • Pipe joints that are leaking
  • Deteriorated pipe materials

Once Hays Plumbing & Drain finds the issue, we can provide you with an estimate for sewer repairs. Regardless of the plumbing service you seek, Hays Plumbing & Drain has an affordable solution. When you need a dependable plumber that will get your job completed on time – and always on your schedule; contact our team today @ 480-725-5811.