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Water Leak Detector Services: When To Call a Professional Plumber

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Water Leak Detector ServicesAs a responsible homeowner, you’re always on the lookout for potential problems in your home. While there are several issues that you should be aware of, one of the most important is water leaks. When you’re home experiences a water leak, it can cause serious damage throughout your home and may result in expensive repair bills if you don’t catch the leak early enough.

If you want to limit damage from water leaks, and if you want to know when you need to call a plumber, it’s a good time to find out more. Learn more about how to identify water leaks in your home and when you might need water leak detector services from a professional plumber in your area.

Water Leak Warning Signs

If you’re concerned that you’re experiencing a water leak in your home, one of the most important things that you can do is to learn about possible water leak warning signs. Understanding these signs can help you determine if you have a leak and the severity of the issue.

A huge warning sign that you have a water leak is water bills that are much more expensive than normal. Suddenly high water bills may mean there is a major leak somewhere in your house. Another tell-tale sign of a water leak is water damage on your walls. If water spots start appearing on the walls in your home, it may mean you have a water leak. You should be on the lookout for mildew, noisy pipes and damage outside of your home such as unusually damp ground or cracked concrete.

Finding a Water Leak

Once you’re certain that you are experiencing a leak in your home, you need to locate the source of the leak. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can find water leaks. For instance, you can check the pressure valve of your water heater, which is a common source of water leaks in the home. You should also take the lid off of your toilet and check your tank. Adding a few drops of food color to the water in your tank can help you quickly identify a leak in your toilet.

Maybe the best way to find a leak is to check your water meter. Shut off the water valve to your house. If your meter is no longer active, the leak is inside your house. Meters that still move with the water shut off indicate a leak in your meter line. Walk the meter line and look for signs of a leak, such as muddy ground.

Calling a Professional Plumber

Some homeowners try to fix leaks themselves in an effort to save money. However, if you don’t fix the leak quickly, you may cause extensive damage to your home and cost yourself more money than you would have spent on a plumber. The best time to call a plumber in Phoenix AZ is immediately after you’ve noticed a leak. Your plumber can come to your home and find the leak much quicker than you might be able to on your own. Then, they can effectively fix the leak and limit water damage in your home.


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